Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rain, Rain and more rain

So the "winter" has now started. Here, that means a ton of rain, it has rained about every day this last week. One day (I think it was Thursday) it actually rained so hard that the streets were like rivers and it almost flooded the chapel. Yikes! But luckily it didn't. Yeah, that could have been ugly. I was very happy, I got soaked to the bone, which after a hot day, is the best thing ever.

The next day we also got a little wet helping a sister clean her reserve tank of water. It was way gross, with more plant life than water. So we drained the tank, and went to work with brushes all morning just fighting to clean the tank. It actually turned out pretty good, considering what it looked like before.

Yesterday we had zone conference with President Hacking. It was, as always a great experience. He talked a bit of the importance of obedience and of looking for people to invite to come unto Christ. I know that it is when we are obedient that God is on our side and guides us to those who are ready to come unto Him. We also learned about the import of planning and then going and doing it.

Apart from that giant list, I have been working. We have planned several new activities to find new people that we will be puting in action this coming week. We've been trying to work with the members as much as possible so that these poeple can join and grow, so that they can be firm and strong, forever. That is what I want. Lasting conversion, not just momentary triumph. That is the goal. I hope that is what happens with Victor and Hercilia. For life, and for all eternity.

Love you all,
Elder (Gabe) Rallison

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love you!

This past week we've been keeping busy running around the center of Cucuta helping get the papers together to get a couple married. You would not believe the amount of papers and line waiting that is necessary just to get a couple married. It's would think it would be simple. But it's not.....but at least now it's all set for Monday. We're good.

We also had interviews with President Hacking yesterday. Nothing new.... Just same old, same old.

I'm alive. I'm healthy, and....yeah, just working the best I can to help people get a move-on in life and in the eternity.

Love you all
Elder Rallison