Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Not much weird stuff to report, just the normal appointments.

We taught Juan again, it didn't go so well though, he kept going off on weird tangents.... what in the world do the customs of the Catholic priests in the 13th century have to do with Christ in the Americas? Alas, he did not accept a baptismal date, this time.

We also taught a lady named Mari. It was a little weird, because she was just way critical of everything we taught. So in the end it ended up being Alma and Amulek against Zeezrom. She says that she's sure she's right and that waht her pastor has told her is true. Like, for example, that resurrection is not true doctrine.....Umm...right....So my comp (Alma) shared the part where it talks about when Christ presented himself to his apostles after his resurrection. So she say "well, that's just because He's Christ!" Enter Amulek (yours truly). "That is true, to a point. He is Christ, and would you read Job's testimony of Him?" She reads "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. -Job 19:25-26". Amulek bears testimony of resurrection. Alma follows. Zeezrom sat there in silence. Looked at us. Looked at the Bible. Looked at us again. And then continued on with a different subject. Sweeeet. Power of the companionship!!!!

We tried to do an activity on Monday as it was a holiday here in Colombia. Was pretty much a bust. Six people came, no more, no less. But we did get to watch Charly with a projector so it was all good in the end.

So that was pretty much the highlights here. Lots of rain (again) though mostly at night. And we went to eat at McD's today as a zone activity, tasty, but expensive. Our propane canister just ran out so we have nothing to use to cook. I continue praying that my shirts will hold out until the end. It has been noted that my shirts are noticeably yellower (or better said less-white) than my companions). Apart from all that, things are good.

Love you all very much.

-Elder Gabe Rallison

PS:::Feliz Cumpleaños Jonas...13...ummm...yeah, when did that happen.
PSS:::Looky here (foto). Elder Rallison and comp as cartoony cats. =D Elder Holmes drew 'em.

That's a little strange...

So yeah, the other day I went to the corner store to buy a little bit of toilet paper. And well, we saw a three year old peeing in the Elder Holmes said that it was the 39th he's seen so far in his mission...yeah...that would so not happen in the states....and btw, Holmes has just 6 months in the mission.

Apart from that beautiful detail, life has been going good. We have been working way hard and have found a bunch of great new people. One of my favorites has to be Juan. He's way cool and the first lesson he just went all out with some of the best comments and questions I have ever had from any investigator. He went and just explained the whole apostasy but in great He is just a little confused as he has investigated a ton of churches....Catholic, Adventist, Jehovah's witness, christian, and more. But he did commit to read and pray, so it's all good.

Apart from that I went to Pamplona this past Friday to work with the missionaries there. It was way cold and (due to having played and lost a high-stakes UNO game) I got stuck sleeping on the floor. But it was good too. I got to spend a whole day with my "son" Elder Quiñonez. Remember him? He's an awesome guy and he just keeps getting better. He's changed a lot in the past few months...really, he's not even close to the same as when I was with him. I guess in the mission the same passes with all of us. President said that my own parents won't even recognize me when I get home. Hard to think about, but looking at myself I've really changed a lot. A little physically, a lot mentally, and an unmeasurable amount spiritually. Yeah, it's true. But it's okay, I'll send a picture so you recognize me in the airport.

The mission rocks.

Love ya all,
Elder Rallison

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My week...

Has been pretty good. Really. My comp and I are trying to recover from about a week of lost work. It's going well, a little rough at times, but I think we can do it. We are looking for new investigators (if you know of any non-members in the Cucuta area, a referral would be very much appreciated). We are also working hard to get this ward working well and all...Wish us luck.

Loved conference!!! I learned a ton and really enjoyed a lot of talks. I don't have my notes with me, but a few that I loved were: the talk from Elder Cook that talked about the missionaries that almost went on the Titanic to return home, but didn't because one got there late (lol, Bro Farris, look, sometimes it's good to be late....jk =D). Also, I really enjoyed the talk from one seventy that talked about the importance of time. That time is a gift that God has given us and that he will ask for an accounting of every second that He has given us. And Elder Holland...wosh, he blows fire as he talks... but it helped me to focus on opening my mouth a bit more to share the gospel with one more person. Those are the big highlight that come to mind right now....except for one more thing. THEY ARE GOING TO BUILD ANOTHER TEMPLE IN COLOMBIA!!!!!!! IN BARRANQUILLA!!!!! It's not in my mission, but is going to be a huge blessing for the members here. For example from here (Cucuta) to Bogota is about 18 hours. To Barranquilla is about twelve. A big difference. So yeah, I'm happy with that.

We had a lesson the other day in a part of the area called Las Cumbres....a little dumpy, but cool. I could probably pitch a baseball from there and have it land in Venezuela...yeah, that close. I was so tired that day, having walked almost all of my massive area.

Today we had a lot of fun. We had a zone activity, in which we made Argentinean milanesa (pretty much chicken fried steak), with mashed potatoes and salad. I made gravy for the mashed potatoes, and everyone absolutely loved it! We also played football as a zone and in the morning had a zone study, in which everyone shared what they had was tight.

As always, tengo que ir,
Love you all,
Elder (Gabe) Rallison