Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's a little strange...

So yeah, the other day I went to the corner store to buy a little bit of toilet paper. And well, we saw a three year old peeing in the Elder Holmes said that it was the 39th he's seen so far in his mission...yeah...that would so not happen in the states....and btw, Holmes has just 6 months in the mission.

Apart from that beautiful detail, life has been going good. We have been working way hard and have found a bunch of great new people. One of my favorites has to be Juan. He's way cool and the first lesson he just went all out with some of the best comments and questions I have ever had from any investigator. He went and just explained the whole apostasy but in great He is just a little confused as he has investigated a ton of churches....Catholic, Adventist, Jehovah's witness, christian, and more. But he did commit to read and pray, so it's all good.

Apart from that I went to Pamplona this past Friday to work with the missionaries there. It was way cold and (due to having played and lost a high-stakes UNO game) I got stuck sleeping on the floor. But it was good too. I got to spend a whole day with my "son" Elder Quiñonez. Remember him? He's an awesome guy and he just keeps getting better. He's changed a lot in the past few months...really, he's not even close to the same as when I was with him. I guess in the mission the same passes with all of us. President said that my own parents won't even recognize me when I get home. Hard to think about, but looking at myself I've really changed a lot. A little physically, a lot mentally, and an unmeasurable amount spiritually. Yeah, it's true. But it's okay, I'll send a picture so you recognize me in the airport.

The mission rocks.

Love ya all,
Elder Rallison

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