Monday, June 7, 2010

This Day

Hola a todos!!!

Well, this week has been awesome!!!

To begin,I want to share a sampling of Colombian cuisine. All-the-chicken chicken noodle soup. Breast, wings, feet, neck, etc., you get the idea. That was lunch today. There's not really that much meet on the feet, mostly just skin. Also, another delicacy, ear of cow. This dish is good served with beans and rice. A little chewy around the cartilage, but overall an interesting choice for any meal.

So, to continue with the rest of the letter. I have discovered this week that there's a lot more to being a missionary than just teaching. You also get to be a relationship/marriage counselor, mover, cook, maid, and many more. The marriage counselor was probably my favorite one. We have a couple who we have slated for marriage in two weeks. Lately, they've been having nit picky type problems and were getting the idea that marriage isn't a good idea. Come on people, you've been living together for years and have three kids. So, my companion and I came in and helped them to work out some of their problems. Yeah, it's fun being the mediator for that sort of thing.

Also, I have lately noticed that as a missionary, you see things in the Scriptures that you have never seen before. Scripture study proceeds very slowly because every verse takes on a whole new meaning and significance. The power of the scriptures is becoming more and more evident to me every day.

I have also really developed a love of service, especially that of a spontaneous sort. There are always opportunities to serve those around you, you just need to look. Helping someone carry their groceries, clean their store, sweep the porch, wash the dishes, even just a smile and a 'buenos tardes' can make someone's day. We've found a family of great investigators simply because we helped them carry their groceries.

To close, I want to share a little of my favorite conference talks, it's called "This Day" by Pres Eyring in I think spring of '07. I love this talk because it talks about the importance of not being complacent and doing what you need to today. He gives two promises. One, that if we do our best today to serve the Lord, hard as today might be, tomorrow will be better. Also, that as we serve we will grow to love Him more.
I know that this is true. I have seen it.

Love you all,

Elder Rallison

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