Monday, May 31, 2010

There is light in the dark

Another week gone. I can't believe how fast it is all flying by. Man have we ever been busy. This past week, on Thursday, I had an intercambio with one of the zone leaders in his area in northern Bogota. Had a great time, one definite plus being that he was a gringo. As such, I actually understood what all was going on. So nice. We taught this one investigator who was better than gold. He would go and self apply each of the principles to himself as we taught then to him. He has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. It was pretty sweet. While in this cambio, we stopped by a member's house for lunch. She is homeschooling her kids, a thing that is nearly unheard of here in Colombia.
At the end of that cambio, I felt that this work can be fun. That I can actually contribute to someone coming unto Christ.

Once I got back, it was straight back to work here in Zipa. We taught this one family whom we've been working with for awhile and challenged the two who were there to baptism. And, after several questions, they accepted. Next, we taught a couple who are living "en libre". Essentially, they need to get married. So we set a date in about a month, and they said yes. So exciting seeing people decide to change their lives for the better and act on what we are teaching them. And, one of the best parts. This week at church we had seven investigators! I don't know about other missions, but here that's one of the hardest parts, getting the investigators to come to church. But lo and behold, they came.

I love it here and don't want to leave. Yeah, there are hard parts. Those investigators that break your heart and don't progress. But the highs beat out the lows. Every time. Satan fights hard, him and all his angels. But we, with His angels and Spirit at our side, fight harder. Good and God will always prevail. Always.

Love you all lots, and wish you the best through all you trials, whatever they may be.
Be strong and be of good courage.

-Elder Rallison

P.S. It was election day in Colombia yesterday. There were people everywhere. But, due to how people can get at times, we were asked to be inside by 4. Yep.

Oh and the Mundial (World Cup) starts soon. That's it.

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