Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elder Rallison

Yeah! Gabe has arrived. He sounded well, but tired, when we spoke to him on Monday, May 3rd. Below is the note we got from the wife of his mission president and a picture of the group of missionaries. The other three missionaries he met in Atlanta while awaiting his flight to Colombia. He didn’t know they would be there heading to Colombia at the same time. Apparently, he didn’t know about them in the MTC, because by the time he arrived, they’d already been reassigned to stateside missions while awaiting their visas. Some had to wait three months, so he was blessed to get his visa so quickly. Thanks for your prayers. They clearly are working. The adventure begins….

Dear Brother and Sister Rallison, President Hacking and I are very pleased to have your son here in Colombia serving with us. Colombia is a beautiful country and the people are very friendly. We want you to know that the Colombia of ten years ago is not the Colombia of today. We know you will love hearing your sons wonderful experiences while he serves, and we will be praying for him just as you will be. We have a mission blog if you would like to see mission photos on. If you have questions feel free to send us an email. We are sending our wishes for a Very Happy Mother's Day. Your son has permission to call home. Sincerely, Hermana Hacking.

From Left to Right, back row, Elder McClair from Virginia, Elder Rallison from Arizona, Elder Benson from Oregon, and Elder Hathaway from Utah. Front row, Presidente (President) Hacking and Hermana (Sister) Hacking. This is the last group of North American missionaries to finally get their visas. Three of them waited almost three months, and the fourth one (Gabe) only had to wait one week

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