Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And it´s raining. Again.


Hola a todas,

So, today I´m going to write a bit more about my area. Zipa is really high up here, I think it´s about 2700 meters. Yeah, a bit of a difference for me. I was playing some soccer with the district today for P-day, and man, I was winded so fast. That and I was playing with a Preuvian and Chileno. Yeah, I got trounced. The weather he is a lot like in northwesten Orgen in early may. Rain, fog, lots of green, yep pretty much exactly the same. And, it´s not going to change. Here in Colombia, there are no seasons. The weather last week will be the same weather that you had last week. Now take Spanish arcitecture and a good deal of age and you have the older, central part of Zipa. Next, mix a little of Guadalupe, AZ with the appearace of English townhouses. There you have the rest of the town. It´s really sweet.

A few of the cool things here in Zipa/Colombia. Everything here delivers. Everything. By motorcycle. Food (pollo broaster, chino), groceries, colthes, even laundry machines. Yeah, you can rent a laundry machine here for 5000 pesos for four hours. They deliver it to your house and hook it up to the connections and you do your laundry. How sweet is that. Que mas....Ah yes, all of the people who ride motorcycles (and thats just about everyone) wears a bright orange or yellow vest with their liscence plate number on it. Look it up online, it is really quite a fashion statement, especially in Bogota when you see a man in a suit and all driving his bike to work. With grcery shoppìng, that can get a little intresting. All the stores here are very umm....specific. At one store you can by meats. Another, chicken and eggs. Another sells just bread. Another is more like a gas station type wares. Another will have just paper, pens, etc. Another home wares. It´s kind of funny. The idea of the American supermarket has started to catch on, so well see what happens. Last, if you have run out of minutes or don´t own a cell phone, don´t despair, everywhere, alomost every ten meters, there´s someone selling minutes of usage on their cell phone. Usually pretty cheep too, 150 or 200 pesos. A lot cheeper than a pay phone back home.

This past week has been very busy as far a misionary work goes. We taught a heep of lessons and contacted almost 100 people. Add in all the walking, and yeah, the days are just packed. The Spirit follows us around too. Last night we did a FHE with a family of investigators. Elder Mullisaca made a traditional Peruvian dish that consisted of meat and potaotes with a cilantro sauce. Was pretty tasty stuff. After, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and bore our testimonies. The family is muy chevre and I hope that they continue to grow in the gospel. About half of them have read the Book of Mormon and one even came to church this past Sunday. We have an appointment with them tomorrow. So excited for that.

To end, sé que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi Redentor y que vive. Sé que José Smith fue un profeta de Dios y que mediante el poder de Dios, tradujó el Libro de Mormon. Sé que este libro es verdadero y que el Evangelio restaurado, con el mismo autoridad y organización de el Iglesia organizado por Cristo, es verdadero.

Les quiero,
-Elder Rallison

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