Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life goes on

Hey everybody!!!
So, not much new this week, just the normal here in Barranca. I am still working my hardest and striving to be who I need to be. It has been hot here the past few days, and it´s not looking like it´s getting better, but hey, so it is. Played volleyball today and I am burned. I look like a lobster fresh from the pot. I am never going to forget sunscreen again. Had some great investigators in church yesterday and that night I taught english class . Fun when I can actually speak. I´m kind of out of time...
Until now....
Okay so I´m writing fast and I apoligize for any mistakes in my punctution and grammar. I had a crazy Saturday last week, several Elders died (went home, finished their missions... No they didn´t really die, not in that way) yesterday so we had an asado (BBQ) on Saturday. It was sweeeet. Lots of mashed potatoes and meat. The carne was cooked in an awesome Colombian style, glazed with a mix of oil and grated pannela, a colombian BBQ sauce. It was really good. Followed by coconut cake. It was good stuff.
Well...I´ve got to get going now, so until next time...
Elder Rallison

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