Monday, August 23, 2010

And another one comes around

You know, it´s always just when yo think you´ve got something down, that life throws you a curve ball. We´ve got transfers!!!!
I´m still in my same area, here in Barranca, but my companion is heading to Bogota. My new comp will get here on Tuesday or Wednesday. His name is Elder Leon. More than that I don´t know at the moment, but more news to come next week.
This past week has been fun. None of the crazy activities of past weeks, but a lot of hard work. We had interchanges where I got to work here for a day with one of the youth here in Barrranca. It was really cool, I got a little taste of what it´s like to be a trainer. By the end of the day, he was contacting the taxi driver. It was pretty sweet. Then, late that week I got to go and work with my district leader, Elder Gamarra for a couple days in the area of Parnaso. We contacted like crazy and actually had a few people who invited us in on the contact. Like, we knocked the door, they opened, and invited us in. How sweet is that. And it happened like six times that day. And better yet, by the end of the day we had a great Noche de Hogar (that´s what they call FHE here) with a family that is going through some tough times. By the end, they all agreed to have family prayer and scripture study every day, and then glued a paper with this goal to the wall of the living room. Man I love Colombia.
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this past Sunday. It was about the importance of fast offerings. I shared a few scriptures about it (did you know that there is a chapter in Isaiah that talks very clearly about fasting?) and bore my testimony. My companion got up to give his talk on service and said that he was at a loss of what to say, because someone stole all of his scriptures. What can I say, I just followed the guidance of the Spirit.
All of the awesome people here are progressing rapidly. Alfonzo blessed the sacrament in church yesterday, and I have heard that they are going to receive callings this coming Sunday. We hope to baptize one of their kids, Sebastian, this coming Saturday. The older son, Nico, will be a little more difficult as he is with his other father on Sundays and in reality has no real interest in attending. Just your normal 16-year-old kid. But the good news is that he has started attending seminary (which here takes place in a converted garage every weeknight) with the youth of the branch. Better yet, he kind of likes one of the young women of the branch. I´m thinking baptism in September. Who´s with me?
Well, that´s about it for now, as always, hasta el proximo lunes.
Les quiero,
Elder (Gabe) Rallison

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