Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zipa Zipa Zipa

Wow, what a day, and what a week. Life for me lately as been incredibly busy as I am working to get this area working at full speed as well as the rest of my responsibilities. I love this work though. It is really the best thing I could possibly be doing with my time. I love the people here and I love working here in helping them all to succeed in life and in the eternities.

It has taken some getting used to as last time I was here I only had to follow my comp around, now I'm stuck with a little more responsibility. I'm figuring it out though. It shouldn't be too hard....I hope. Most of the people here remember me as that gringo who couldn't hardly talk. Now, what a difference. A year of it. And really, in the mission, due to the Spirit and the work, a person changes, and changes fast. I've had people tell, me that they don't recognize me and doubt that even my own mother would recognize me now. LOL. Funny right?

Apart from this stuff, I haven't had any grand events this week, but I believe I will have a lot to share in the weeks to come.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Gabe Rallison

PS One of those events...Elder Scott (yes, that Elder Scott) is coming on to 24th to talk to the mission!!!!! Will keep you posted.

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