Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is so busy

So I've got a ton to talk about.

So, Viviana wasn't able to get to church the other day, but we are now planning on baptising her this weekend. Wish me luck (and pray for her please)!!!

Umm... Other stuff.....

I had interchanges awhile ago with several missionaries. Had one in Tocancipa with Elder Holmes. He's from Corona California and has about 2 months here in Colombia. As such, he's still working on his Spanish. It's coming along really well though, sounds more like a missionary with six months here. Also had one with Elder Glick in Chia. Chia was cool, a little underwater, but it is finally starting to dry out. It was fun working there with Elder Glick. That night I actually got to talk with one then-investigator, now-convert who is a Colombian cop. Cool, right? And better yet, when we got back to the house there in Chia I found out that they have a sauna! A sauna! It was nice, to feel heat, real heat after having spent so long in the cold rainy weather here. Yep, fun stuff.

We have been working crazy hard here and it is finally starting to show results. We've found several new families all in this past week. Now, we have been passing by and all are turning out to be really receptive. For example on lady straight up asked us for a Book of Mormon....when we contacted her. Sweeeettt. When we work hard, God blesses us for our effort. Always.

I have also been growing a lot in my personal testimony lately. I've noticed that many times now, when I have a problem, the first thing I do is always pray. And almost always, I get my answer, good and clear of what I need to do, what of all my choices is the best in any given moment. I love the relationship that I now have with my Heavenly Father. I hope to be able to maintain this my whole life. I also really want nothing more than that everyone can have the same relationship with him. Nothing is more important.

I love the people here and the lessons I have learned from them. I love you all very much too. Thank you all for your love and prayers.

I'm sorry to cut this off, but I've got things to do, places to go, and people to see.

-Elder Rallison

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