Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Onward, ever onward

So this week we've had transfers. I'm still here in Zipa, but with a new companion, Elder Miranda from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Yeah, he's cool. So yesterday I spent all day in Bogota waiting for him and playing Monopoly Deal with the other missionaries in the zone. Yep, that's how it goes with transfers.

Just so you all know, Viviana just got baptized!!!! Yep, she got baptized Monday afternoon and she's going to be confirmed this Sunday in church. I am just psyched for her. Here in the mission there is nothing cooler than when one of you investigators "takes the plunge". Yep, it's cool stuff. The other cool things are the new people we've found. They're great too! We've got one of them, Yesith, preparing for baptism in three weeks! Wish us luck with him and more than anything, keep praying for us. We need it.

On this past Thursday we had an awesome ward activity where we had a ton of games from bobbing for apples to an egg walk. In the activity one of the brothers of the branch was laughing so hard that he fell to the floor and couldn't get up he was laughing so hard. Also we discovered that the commonly accepted idea that girls have a better sense of balance than boys is FALSE. In the egg walk (the spoon in the mouth with an egg on the spoon) the boys didn't drop even one, but the girls three! Yeah, I was not happy about that, I had to go without breakfast on Friday. =(

The weather finally seems to be getting a little better. It's not raining, .......as much. Everything is finally drying out, our efforts are coming through and the work is progressing here in Zipa. I can really testify that diligence is incredibly important. When we put in our est effort, there will always be results. More work you put into it, the better results you'll get out. It's the law of the harvest. You can't plant an orange tree and expect to get guanabana (a fantastically tasty Colombian fruit). it just doesn't happen. The same with us and what we put into whatever we do, study, work, callings, all of it.

Love you all,
Elder Rallison

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