Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The weekly report

To start Viviana finally got confirmed and is now an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes, the deed is done! Also, that same day I got to give a talk on the confidence that we place in God. I realized that confidence in Him is very much the same as the faith we put in Him and in his promises. When we trust in Him, everything is possible (example Nephi....I will go and do. .....try.. ...fail... ...try.....fail... ....try... .BAM... .he ..did ...it!!!!!!!.....yeah ....God power ...sweet.....epic win). En fin, todo es possible con Dios, sin El, estamos pailas. Frigados. Con absolutamente nada. So simply put, trust in God.

So one of the main streets of Zipa, Avenida 15 just go revamped so this past Monday they had a huge ceremony to commemorate the event. It was crazy. Worse yet, we live just one block down from said street. What luck. So when we were heading out of the house there were about a thousand people riding bikes down the street. Two hours later, we met up with a group of about 100 motorcycles, not just the normal Colombian motos, by the big Harleys. Then, even later about a hundred taxis. Later about a hundred horses. And better just all were decorated with streamers of red, white, and green, the colors of Zipaquira. And if that weren't enough, when we got home they had a concert and at about 11 at night shot of a ton of fireworks. And of course we live just three blocks from the stage that they had set up. Craziness. And all for some four lane street. It is the biggest in Zipa, but it is about as big as 48th street.....though that may be pushing it.

Also, crazy thing happened yesterday. We went to have lunch with a recent convert named Yesid. His Mom has never wanted anything to do with us. Is part of some Christan church that doesn't think we are Christan and that we have replaced the Bible with the Book of Mormon. Well, when we went to lunch she was downright friendly. She talked to us, listened to us, she even watched the Restoration movie with us! Apparently she had a bit of a falling out with her pastor and now has experienced a complete change of heart. Cool stuff right? Yeah, she is so getting baptized.

Another investigator that we have is Yesid (yeah, the other one, the first is Gomez, this one is Sanchez). He is way cool and way ready for all this. He is preping for baptism on the 16 of June. He decided, on his own to quit smoking and now has gone almost two weeks without smoking. We helped him and his wife, Nereida, to move house this last week. Went well, though I tore up my hand scrubbing a couch clean. But it is clean. Nothing else matters. =D.

Got to go, but just so you all know (in case you didn't yet),
I love you.
Elder Rallison

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