Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things happen

The best and the worst happens here in the mission. We are pushed to the limit sometimes by all that happens.
For example, when you have great investigators that just seem to be the most ready for baptism, and then just fall right through. That happens. Then you find out that your camera broke for no reason whatsoever. Just turns on and says "lens error". The amount of dust here in Cucuta suspected cause. Happens too. You get to church and the air conditioning is burned out. That happens. You get sick for a day and have to go to the bathroom with diarrhea every twenty minutes. Sadly, it happens. Appointments fall though. Also happens. You find out your last bag of milk has gone sour. Happens. You get sunburned doing service projects. It happens. People straight up make fun of your most sacred beliefs. Yep, that happens. But you know what? IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Because people make huge changes in their lives. It happens. People feel the Spirit to the point that they accept a baptismal date just an hour after first meeting you. That happens. They get married after living together for two, or thirty years. Happens too. They make covenants with God. Also happens. They change from a life of vice to a life with Christ. Happens. People commit to making their family eternal. Happens as well. You look in the mirror and recognize that you are not the same, you are not the same person that came to Colombia. You're better. Hard to believe, but it happens.

Change always happens. There will always be challenges. There have always been, and there always will be ups and downs. These are mine from this past week. You could say that it's tough luck. But know what? I don't believe it. I believe that I am the luckiest man in the world. I love being here, yeah, it's hard at times, but it is worth it. Just so you know.

I love you all,
Elder Rallison

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