Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been less than a week since I last wrote so I don't believe that there is much to say. Things are good here.

The reason why I'm writing now is because for transfers P-day is Monday this week. No, I'm not being transferred, I'm staying here!!! Which is good because I love Cucuta. My area is the best in the mission (look how humble I am....well that's what you get with an Argentinean comp).

We had a baptism on Saturday! And a stake talent show organized by the missionaries!
So Araceli got baptized!!!! =D The best ever, though member turnout for the baptism was poor, she was really touched by the Spirit during the ordinance. And later that night we had thew activity. The talents were really cool, and we were going to act....but there wasn't enough time. I was in the kitchen almost the whole time though. We were making Chilean empanadas.....300+ of 'em. I don't know if you realize exactly how long it takes to make all that, but I can say from experience that it takes several missionaries about a days worth of prep and four hours cooking. But they were way tasty and I am now an empanada making pro.

Apart from what I've shared there's nothing more to say. Except.....
Les quireo muchisimo.
Elder (Gabe) Rallison

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