Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First, the work has been incredibly busy. We've been working with several families and we've seen some incredible progress. Victor came to church as well as the a new family. But on the downside, several others couldn't make it. =( But ah well...that happens. But, hey, know what, worse things have happened. For example, we now have a ward mission leader, so he should be able to help us get the work moving along here. We actually have a meeting with him here in a few minutes.
Yesterday we took a chance to go to Pamplona again. To contact!!!! Yep, eight of us from Cucuta went to Pamplona to find more people for them to teach. It was pure craziness with so many of us there in the bus. And worse yet when the bus driver put on "worldly" music. I think I now realize the reason why missionaries walk in pairs.....more become way too uncontrolled. But we finally got to Pamplona and we split up and got to work. My comp and I must have walked all of Pamplona, which isn't that big, just a lot of mountains and at a really high altitude. But we did it. We even made it to a Rio-ish Christ statue on a mountain. Oh and we also found some lambs and a mother sheep.She got a little angry when Elder Farias tried to touch her kids.... We contacted and also happened to enjoy cool weather (yeah, the best thing about Colombia is the variety of climates) as well as really good homemade-style bread. Good stuff. We left Cucuta for Pamplona at seven in the morning and we got back at nine at night. It was a day well spent.

Today we were occupied cleaning the house (President comes next week to inspect....time to clean...for the first time this month....just joking Mom), buying groceries (as we are the only missionaries in the zone that actually cook....) and doing all the other tasks around the house. We also went bowling in Villa del Rosario. It was cool, bowling just five minutes from the Venezuelan border. Let it be known....that I suck at bowling....52 was bad.....

Well, that's it! Wish I had more to say but that's all folks!
Love you all!
-Elder Gabe Rallison

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