Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life, as normal.....yeah.

Everything is going well, not much to report though.

Here we've been working way hard and have been talking with just about everyone. From taxi drivers to cashiers to neighbors to construction workers. We've seen and talked with each at least once in this past week. So that's all good. Araceli is doing well and going strong, she even goes to all the activities, something that even some of the older members don't do. We've also been working with another investigator that wants to get baptized. The problem.....he was married, had been for twenty five years, but the woman he lives with is not his wife. He hadn't even seen his wife for twenty years (because she fought with him, cheated on him, know the normal stuff). But, on the good side, he just finalized the divorce of the wife, so he can now get remarried and thus get baptized. Is it like this in the States too? Or is this just Colombia?

So yesterday my comp wanted to but a shirt of the soccer team of Cucuta, so we went and looked for three different malls. Them, we also had a zone asado (BBQ), the only problem? We couldn't get the grill lit! Yep, here we were about five gringos that had gone through Scouts (in fact all were Eagles)...and incapable of lighting a grill. That's just sad.....but in the end with the help of a bottle of medical sterilization alcohol (no we did not buy beer) and toilet paper we finally got the charcoal lit. Hurray! The meat was soon grilled and eaten, but we realized that due to delays we were gonna be late to play football! So we went running several blocks to the field to meet our "tee-off" time (well not exactly tee-off, this was soccer, not golf). When we finished we rushed home, into the shower and out to a family home evening that just so happened to be on the other side of our overly massive area. So yeah, our day of rest was just about anything but restful....ah well, there's always next week.

Not much more to say...
Except that I love you all!
-Elder Gabe Rallison

PS....I found Heinz 57 sauce! And it's cheep. I LOVE CUCUTA. =D

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