Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life in Cucuta

Entonces, habían muchísimas cosas esta semana....

To start, we has interviews with President. It's funny really, when I was new in the mission I was so scared of interviews, of having to face the big man. But now, well, I still have a lot of respect for President Hacking, but I'm not scared like before. It was good though. We also had a great zone conference where we watched a talk that Elder Holland gave in the MTC. It was powerful. It talked mainly about our duty as missionaries to feed the sheep of the Lord according to their needs. En si, that was the focus of the whole conference, teaching the people according to their needs.

Lately, we've been here trying to put that in practice here in Aeropuerto. We're working with a lot of people here. Arceli for one is a tough, but good investigator. She is progressing quickly, but is having a few problems remembering. That's the real difficulty with her, she just can't remember things very well. For example, we had to explain the Joseph Smith story about five times before she could tell us who he was. But it's okay, she's almost ready....she's getting baptized next weekend =D. We've also got two other who are going to get baptized with her, but please, pray for them....and for us.

We have also been enjoying the wonder upsides of a border town. For example, as everything is cheaper in Venezuela, everyone brings stuff over and sells it dirt cheap. And, also very cool, despite gringo-hating Chavez, Venezuela is more Americanized than Colombia. What does that mean for me? It means that here I can get a hold of Heinz ketchup, Kraft mayonnaise, Bisquick, and more. I have even heard from the members that it is even possible to find root beer. I am in heaven. I must tell you, Colombia is cool, but the Colombian ketchup sucks. I am now happily using Heinz on my eggs in the mornings. They even bring gasoline over the border and sell it in the streets for 3.500 pesos (about 2 dollars at current exchange rates) a gallon (4 liters, a bit bigger gallon). If only gas was so cheap in the states....

Today being the 20th of July, the Colombian Independence day, we went and saw the military parade because one of our investigators in in the police. It was cool as evidenced in the fotos.

Well, I gtg, so....bye!
Love y'all,
Elder (Gabe) Rallison

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