Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wosh....just read to find out.....

So this past week has been crazy. I 've been really busy. We've kept on working with Yesid, you know, helping him get ready for baptism. He's really going to be so ready to get baptised, he even came to church in a suit this past Sunday. Sweet. He has his interview this saturday. =D

It was really crazy for a little while. See, we had to prepare for a zone activity on Monday. The idea is that all the missionaries worked in Zipa for a day, each one visiting five less actives in an assigned area. WE had to plan all that. For seven companionships. Crazy right. And better yet, our directory for the branch was and is way out of date. And we do not have a good map of the area. So, we spent about five hours in the church with the sectary planning all that. In all, I spent ten hours in the church on Sunday without ever leaving the building. We had to assist to all the normal meetings as well as two leadership meetings, we ate lunch there and after all that, the hours of planning.

Upon leaving the chapel, we were heading towards an appointment with Yesid when the phone rings. ....The zone leaders......... ME: Oh it's probably about the activity tomorrow......*answers*........hello?.........hola, Elder Rallison?................Hey elder, what's up?..................Good, hey elder, how much money do you have left?...........What? Why? Umm...150 mil pesos..........Sufficient, Elder, you've got a transfer...........WHAT? WHERE?............You are going to Cucuta, Area Areopuerto................OH MY GOSH.....................Elder...You have to be in the bus terminal in Bogota at 8 tomorrow morning......Go to your house now and pack you bags.......Chao. *hangs up* You have to understand, we just had transfers two weeks ago. This is one of those incredibly rare emergency transfers. So we went running to the house where we were frantically packing my bags, me trying to explain to my comp what the plan was for the Monday activity, and calling half the branch to tell them I was going. We finished everything at about 2 in the morning. We slept for three hours and off to the bus terminal.

We got to the terminal and I bought my ticket to Cucuta. The only bad thing being that the bus didn't leave until 11:30. So I had to sit there waiting, alone, for three hours until the bus finally got out of there. And for those who don't know, Cucuta is in the opposite extreme of the mission from Bogota. What does that mean for Elder Rallison. A 16 hour trip (seems more like eternity) in a bus. Ugly. I couldn't sleep a wink. But finally, I got to Cucuta a four in the morning. The zone leaders picked me up, I slept two hours in their house, and we went to district meeting (I am still with all my bags and everything) and I got put with my comp, an awesome kid named Elder Farias (funny as one of my friends is Spencer, now Elder, Farris). But my new comp is cool. He's funny, works hard, and loves doing it. He's a newbie (2 months) from Cordova, Argentina (where they are building the new temple).

Cucuta is awesome! It is border with Venezuela. Like really border. I can take a taxi and be there in 20 minutes. It's hot, though not as much as Barranca. The people are cool and just way open. We've been working really hard so far.

Yesterday we had to go to center Cucuta and pull get the papers together to marry a couple. We only had to visit three notarias to get all of it together! We are going to be a great companionship. I can just feel it. I'm going to like it here. I'll keep you updated and I'll have a more detailed description of all the glory of Cucuta next week.

Love you all,
Elder Rallison

PS: And yes, I am way tired......

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