Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And life goes on....

So this week were were teaching a lesson and right as we were finishing up a christian pastor showed up...looking for a fight. We were literally getting up to leave too. So we got to sit there and listen to him present an anti-Mormon shpeel (in front of our investigator, Juan) that lasted about half an hour. That was about the longest half an hour of my life. Then, we went and simply shared our testimonies, invited everyone to pray and ask God if what we shared is true, and left. I felt very good to leave that behind, and better yet, Juan is still listening to us. Epic win.

This past week we had intercambios with the zone leaders. We went with Elder Busch and had some crazy awesome lessons. We found a really cool family, Claudia and her sister Fabiana, and taught an amazingly awesome lesson. The Spirit was strong and we were just about to pull out baptismal dates when....the husband of Claudia pulled up on a motorcycle. The atmosphere changed completely. Fabiana went running to the kitchen to make sure that the lunch was ready and Claudia started acting all distracted and depressed. Dang, there is something awry in this relationship. So we quickly left but we set up and appointment for this Wednesday.

That day we also contacted a colombian girl who married a mexican and now lives in San Diego....yeah, that San Diego...in California. Cool right? She talks english...kind of...and was here visiting her family. But it was just weird, talking to someone and trying to teach, in English. It felt weird. And she also made me realize how much I miss mexican food. But even crazier was when we contacted a German guy. Now, he could barely speak Spanish and I only know how to say "Auf Wierdesein" and that phrase that Opa uses to "say hands off/Don't touch that" (which I am not even going to attempt to write). He said that he was here enjoying a break from the cold of Germany coming here to Colombia. It was cool and all, but I just wish I understood what he was saying.

I can't really remember anything more to share with you all, here we are anxiously awaiting transfers, which will be arriving tonight. My last transfer. Yikes, it is one of those moments that as a missionary you never think are going to come. But come they do.
Well, I love you,
Elder Gabe Rallison

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