Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From the CCM

Hola all,
To begin, thanks for the package mi familia!!! I loved (and continue to love) it. You guys are so awesome.
Life here is going on as usual. Nothing really new to report. After the initial novelty wears off the MTC starts to get kind of old. But it's still good. I'm learning a lot and am going to be doing a role play tonight where we will be talking with people on a bus (in Spanish) and then teaching the Plan of Salvation (in English). So excited for that. Love the chances to learn and to grow that we get here. Yesterday we learned subjunctive. Past and Present. Noun, adverb, and adjective clauses. In less than 2 hours. Only in the MTC.
Other than that, my companion and my district are doing fine (other than a sore throat for my comp), I'll try to send pictures of the district sometime if I can. The weather here is really annoying. One day it will be sunny and warm, the next, snowing. What's up with that? Ah well. I'll live. But I definitely would not want to live her long term. I really wish I had more to say than this pathetic excuse for an email, but that's about it. Just lots of learning, both of Spanish and of the gospel. There is no place (other than actually in Colombia) that I'd rather be right now. I'm so excited to serve and to share the message of this restored gospel with the people of Colombia.
Lots of love,
Elder Rallison

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