Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From where I left off....two weeks ago

Sorry, I didn´t have much computer time last week as we were in Bucaramanga for an activity of zone and were running late. So from the week before last week, the main events were as follows

-Baptism of Sebastian, who happens to be one of the coolest and smartest ten year olds I know. So cool. I love baptisms. Me hace sentir feliz.

-Killing cockroaches in our house. The other day I called my comp and said,"Look! I found a family! Quick, start teaching about the restoration before they scatter!!!!" Then we disposed of the family of six cockroaches that found their way into our house.

And from the last Monday, we were in Bucaramanga. We played football (all you people out there probably know it better as soccer) in a field with synthetic grass (that is the high class way to play). After that, we ate lunch with some converts of my companion there in Bucaramanga. All in all, a well spent day.

This past week was busy. My companion said that for practice, I get to be the senior companion that week. What that means is that I´m responsible for managing the area and the companionship. The calls, reports, scheduling, practices, etc. Was a great learning experience. I got to see, for my own experience, what works and what doesn´t. And really, there are several things that just don´t work. Like waiting for someone to stop talking in an appointment that has already gone overtime. They won´t stop talking. Ever. Well, in three hours. But okay, by the end I was a little more assertive on that front.

The rest of the week went great. We are working with one couple, Robison y Heeni, but they still have a long way to go. You see, they are both married, but not to each other. So, we either need both of them to divorce and then marry or separate. We taught them the law of chastity, and now, the ball is in their court. We´ll see what goes down with that. I´m always.......

With another couple, well...they´re having troubles with their marriage. She thinks he doesn´t appreciate all she does. He thinks that she doesn´t realize how important he is to her. He has said that he wants to leave her. She says she wouldn´t miss him. ¡Que vaina! Why can´t people just get along? Worse, they are not investigators, but members. So we taught a little about the Proclamation for the Family. That was a powerful lesson. Any of you married people out there have any advice in this? This is one thing in which these poor missionaries have little to give. But, if you are experiencing problems with your children or spouse, before you do anything more, read the Proclamation to the World.

And today. So today we cleaned the house. Ala delux (Umm...if you don´t know what that means ask my Mom. she´s the one who always says it.) Normally we sweep the floors, clean the counter tops, etc. daily, but today we went all out. We swept, mopped, polished, disinfected (it was necessary), killed (cockroaches that is), folded, and more. The house never looked better. And then, my favorite part, I made....tortillas. So, I´ve been having an obsession for some good Mexican food, problem is, there aren´t any tortillas here. So, I made some. They actually turned out really good. Just need a lot of flour and a little water. Ate them alone, because we didn´t have any beans or meat. But still, it´s a tortilla. The last time I ate a tortilla was when I arrived here in Colombia, in a Mexican restauraunt behind the mission office.

And now, I leave you all until next week.
As a short preview as for what´s to conference....until next week,

Les quireo. Sean felices. Sean fuertes. Sed de buen animo.


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