Monday, September 6, 2010

A Night in a Colombian Hospital

So that title is a little interesting. For all who are wondering otherwise, right now I am perfectly fine. I was not feeling so good earlier this week. So this last Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Hacking, so we of Barranca had to take a three hour bus ride to Bucaramanga for the interviews. Those went off great, and after we went and ate out. Was tasty, but afterward it left me feeling terrible. I had been feeling nasty all weekend but this topped it all off. We called up the secretary of salud (the missionary who manages all the health issues in the mission) and he sent me to the clinica (hospital). The doctor visited with me, drew some blood (which sucks, I wouldn't recommend it), and in the end reached the conclusion that I had a really bad case of dengue fever and needed to spend the night under observation. So I got a nice hospital bed for the night (which was about a foot to short for me) as well as a bag of serum and a stint in my arm. The next day they ran another blood test and told me that I was good to go but had to "take it easy" and that I was "not allowed to leave the city". Yeah, I was stuck in bed in the house of the zone leaders in Bucaramanga until the doctors thought I was ready to go. That time came the next day and another blood test later. So I finally got back to my area Saturaday night, after spending a week in Bucaramanga having a lot of fun.

I want to say thanks to everyone who is out there praying for me. I really can feel the effects of these prayers. The strength I receive from the Spirit each day is a testament to me that this is true. Thank you all for the lessons that you have taught me and for the examples you have shown. I am eternally grateful for the effect that you have had in my life.

-Elder (Gabe) Rallison

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