Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One other thing =D

Okay so I think it is about time I tell you all one more thing that kind of happened.
So you all know how I've never broken a bone in my life? Well, not quite true. You see, about a month ago, when we preparing for the baptism of Daniel, I leaned against a door in the chapel and well, it fell open. I hit my elbow on the ground, hard. It HURT like the DICKENS. I got to the house somehow and put it in ice water. When I got to the hospital on Monday it was so swollen, it looked like a small melon. I got an X-ray, and then the doc gave me the news. I had broken my left elbow on the outside (okay the bone that sits on the left side of the elbow) and torn the ligaments a bit on the inside. The doctor put me in a sling, gave me painkillers, and told me to do an exercise rotating my wrist and to come back in two weeks for a consult. Also, no sports for three months. Miss football. =(

So, I had two weeks with a sling (a very stylish navy blue, Lyric, I know you'd want to know) and then headed back to the doctor (which happens to be on the other side of Bogota, only an hour ride in taxi). I saw the doctor and he did a bunch of tests to see how my flexibility and movement of my elbow is progressing. I was able to do almost every thing except touch my shoulder and fully extend my arm. After all that, he said I don't need surgery, I don't need a cast, and, from that point on, I didn't even have to use the sling. He said I was incredibly lucky and that it is healing very fast, unusually so. What a blessing! I think I owe that too my companion, who gave me a priesthood blessing minutes after the accident. What a wonderful power that God has given to man, to be able to bless and to heal. Now, I am able to move my left arm in the same manner as the right, as if I never had broken my elbow. Milagroso. Gloria a Dios. =D

Love you all. The only reason I didn't tell you earlier is because I didn't want to worry.

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