Thursday, February 17, 2011

One year older and wiser too....I think

So, this week has been markedly different from any other time in my mission. I love being a Dad. =D. Sure it has it's challenges. For example, my son is about as quiet as I used to be. But he's getting better. I know it will come with practice. He could really be one of the greatest missionaries here in the mission. Just needs a bit of time and work. He's a great kid.

This past week we've been working a lot. We lost a few investigators due to their lack of progress, but we are finding loads of new ones. We've got a lot of good going for us and have heard that President is very happy with how things are going. Not really much to report as of now, just the same old, same old. Umm.....

Ah! I know! I was talking with my companion and found out that he knows someone that I know. He was the ward mission leader of the ward where one of the missionaries from my room in the MTC started his mission. In that exact ward. My companion was working with this missionary the day after he was sleeping in the same room as me in the MTC. Me, the missionary who is now his father! Small world right?

That's it for now, love you all and am wishing you all the best of luck!
Happy Valentines Day!
(yep congrats to all of you who are getting married)
(PS- Elder Williams, my first zone leader and later assistant is getting married in July. He got engaged only one month after getting home. Guess he couldn't stand being without a companion.)

-Elder Rallison

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