Thursday, March 31, 2011

Howdy Y'all

Life goes on. This has been a long past week with a lot of crazy happenings. We have been working like crazy and are finally getting results. We've got several of our investigators now preparing for baptism in the coming weeks and hopefully all will come through. The members here have really started to take part in the work. One sister took us to meet her cousin and her family, they now have baptismal dates for the last week of April. Love it when everything just works out like that.

This past Friday we had a ward activity that will bow be taking place every Friday. We call it Super Friday! Cool right? In this past one, I jumped rope! I actually did pretty well for someone dressed in shirt and tie. Go about 15 good hops in before they went and sped up on me. No fair, but oh well, what's one to do.

This Monday was fun as we had a zone meeting that morning. Only problem was that they called us about half an hour before to let us know that the meeting was in Funza (very far away) instead of in Alejandria (relatively close). So we went running out of the house and took a bus for and hour to get there and guess what, we started half an hour later because the zone leaders got there late. Well, yeah, it was good, but quite the journey.

Today we played soccer (again I know), ate pizza, and played ping pong as a zone. One of the missionaries, Elder Porflit, actually played semi-professional ping pong in Chile. I'm proud to say that I scored against him. Once. Final score 1-11. Yay!

So without more news to share I'll have to stop there, with a commitment to you all to take better notes so I know what to write.

Love you all,
Elder Rallison

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