Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not much new...ah well, maybe a bit

Went and worked with one of the newbies from the MTC this past Saturday. Was cool, he didn't talk a lot though. He was a little shy. But that's why they send 'em here, so they can change. I learned a bit too. Like, when it rains (and hails) and half your area loses electricity, that is not a good time for contacting.

We had choir practice this past Sunday. It lasted three hours. The problem was that the men kept on entering late each verse of "If you could hie to Kolob" and several weren't even singing their part. Instead, they were off singing melody with the sopranos. So, the chior director put up a bet, to see if they could possibly pull it together. They didn't, and now they have the privilege of bringing five fried chickens (complete with fries, arepa, and plátano) to the next rehearsal. =D Epic win (for me)/epic fail (for them). And all in all, epic feedback (I am not sure how many of you will understand that, but okay).

On Monday we visited a cool family. The Linarez family. They are cool. The grandparents are members. Well, a bit more than just members, they are pioneers in the church here in Colombia. They've only been members for 41 years now. The sister Linarez shared the complete history of the church in Colombia with us. It only took about an hour and a half. Funny thing is, their grandchildren (thanks to the father) aren't members yet. We are working with them, and Someday. The older of the grandchildren (has sixteen years) loves aptitude puzzles. They are supposed to show how outside of the box you think. Well, I got.....3 of 10. But really, they are weird, and in Spanish (so I have a handicap, it's not my native tongue).

Yesterday it also rained a lot, so we had a hard time getting much done. We had a great appointment with Maijorie, an investigator that we found knocking doors. So we entered and she asked us if we wanted something to drink. We said yes, and she came out with two steaming mug Yikes! So, we started out explaining why we don't drink it, and ended up teaching the Word of Wisdom and the Restoration (as she didn't really understand it the first time). She was really impressed. Especially with the promise of long life. So she asked, how long does someone live doing this? Well.....President Hinckley lived until 97. She is like, no way. Yeah way. Suffice to say she is now committed to follow the WoW. Now we just have to get her married to her boyfriend. Grrrr. Later that night the electricity went out (but this time for only four hours, on Saturday it was six hours). It was a little creepy without the light, but we lived.

Well, that's all folks. But don't cry, I'll be writing again in a week.

Love y'all.

-Elder (Gabe) Rallison

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